Meagan Streader

Silver Sunset, 2022
Mundi Mundi Plains Lookout
Broken Hill, NSW

‘Silver sunset’ was a major ephemeral installation installed directly onto the Barrier Ranges at the Mundi Mundi lookout, and along the pathway leading down from the lookout parking area. This site-specific work articulated the bursts of light seen as the sun sunk below the horizon. Its reflective silver materiality makes reference to the town’s moniker ‘The Silver City’ and the discovery of silver ore – once establishing Broken Hill as a prosperous mining town. This large-scale reflective installation was subtle, gently resting on the hills of the barrier ranges in the direction of the setting sun. The work was experienced just before and after sunset. Natural light interacted with and reflected off the pieces as the sun set, and viewers were invited and encouraged to use their own torch light/phone lights to continue the experience of the work after sunset.

Barkindji/Wilyakali Land.

Alexandra Rosenblum
Billy Horn

Drone footage: Meagan Streader

Drone footage: Otis Filley