Meagan Streader

This space of vibration, 2022
Installation view
MARS Gallery

Images: Ross Coulter

This Space of Vibration hums with a rhythm that reverberates through light, line, colour, and form.  Streader is precise in her use of material – creating a language that combines movement and time; affect and encounter; sensation and space; bodies and atmospheres. Science fiction author Ursula K. Le Guin calls a language that connects events in time a ‘narrative’. And narrative, she tells us, “whether seen as lineal or spiral or recursive, involves a movement through time…Narrative makes a journey.”[1]Within this darkened space Streader presents us with a journey of tension and release bathed in colour and soft gradients bound by hard edges. Reflecting the plurality of light as material and phenomenological, this journey is as much physical as it is emotional; as much temporal as it is spatial.

Rhythm and movement are inherent in This Space of Vibration. Streader’s work has always been concerned with perception and pushing the boundaries of what light can do – how it shifts and changes in relation to the body, surroundings, material properties, and atmosphere. Perception shifts with perspective. What is interesting is what those shifts might reveal. Together these works play with the capacity for shifting qualities of light to animate colour, texture, and form in ways that open up sensations of being both inside and outside that trouble binary notions of the threshold. It creates a concentrated space where we can experience the simultaneity of light that is always many things and in many places at once. Throughout the exhibition, as with any good story, we are drawn in and pushed back as we spiral along a narrative that is anything but linear.

Written by Myf Doughty

[1] Le Guin, U. K. (2018). Dreams must explain themselves and other essays, 1972-2004. Gollancz. p.82