Meagan Streader

Conners Conners Arygle Street
Argyle Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne

To throw a shadow, 2023
aluminium, fluorescent lighting

Meagan Streader experiments with light as an affective and architectural medium – re-orienting her audience’s sense of scale and atmospheres among constructed spaces.

To throw a shadow plays with the spatial and temporal presence of light – articulating and manipulating the formal and atmospheric qualities of the vacant space it occupies. The configuration of parts echo the trajectories of sunlight through the windows, creating a temporary fixing – or afterimage – of this ephemeral encounter. As the sun moves, the static forms animate the space, reflecting off windows and casting circular shadows that gently shift and stretch across the room over the course of the day.

Made possible by Myf Doughty, Ela Egidy, and Annika Aitken in collaboration with Conners Conners Gallery.
Supported by City of Yarra and Piccolo House.

Photos by Billy Horn